Are you running a nonprofit but have hit a dead end due to lack of sponsors, donors or members? You are unable to get adequate funds for your organization and even the existing ones are slowly withdrawing their support?

We can help!

Our focus

        Allen Consulting Inc. offers exceptional training for nonprofits, helping them to capitalize on opportunities and find success in their endeavors. Our focus is not just to help you achieve your goals but to surpass them as well.

         Our sales training for nonprofits will help you with ways to get new donors and reactivate the ones that stopped providing their support. This will not only sustain your mission but will enhance your growth as well.

Sales Training

        With the right sales training for nonprofits, your organization will also learn new ways to keep your donors giving, year after year. We’ll work together to ensure that you keep generating adequate revenue to accomplish your mission.

    What’s more? Our professional team will enlighten you on ways you can combine contacts, offers or asks to increase the amount your donors give. We’ll help you turn their passion and support into action!

Expert Staff

    At Allen Consulting Inc. we concentrate our training on that which helps you generate revenue whether selling sponsorships, recruiting members, soliciting advertising, or recruiting and nurturing donors.

    Once you go through our sales training for nonprofits, you’ll be able to build a relationship that will transform your donors from being transactional to transformational givers. They will look for ways they can bring a heroic transformation and with this you’ll be able to achieve the goals you’ve always thought were impossible.

Your approach

    Get in touch with our sales training for nonprofits experts today and learn ways of getting to the hearts of your donors, sponsors, and members.

    We’ll help you learn ways you can customize your marketing strategies so that you can maximize your fundraising results. Your approach will move potential and existing donors to own your vision and offer the support that you need.

Do not sit and watch donors pass your nonprofit organization and offer support to your competitors. Contact us today and you’ll be amazed at the positive results when working with our sales training for nonprofits professionals.

We can’t wait to make you one of our happy clients!

Why Allen Consulting Inc.?

We Offer Customized Services.

Do not sit and watch donors pass your nonprofit organization and offer support to your competitors. Contact us today and you’ll get amazed at the positive results when working with our sales training for nonprofits professionals.

Our Services are Affordable.

No one wants to spend too much on sales training for nonprofits when you are already going through financial constraints in your organization. This is why we offer affordable services without compromising the quality of our services.

We Are a Full-House Sales Training for Nonprofits.

At Allen Consulting Inc., we have a team of professionals who work together to ensure that your organization gets connected to the right donors, sponsors, and members. From communications experts, donor engagement experts, fundraising experts, and marketing experts, among others. We’ll connect you to the right experts that will provide the services that you need, when you need them.

We Have Vast Experience in Sales Training for Nonprofits.

Allen Consulting Inc. has been in operation for years where we’ve gained vast experience in sales training for nonprofits. Our professionals will use this experience to provide the best services to your organization based on your needs.

Our Services

Selling Sponsorships.

Do you know that your sales team is an asset that has the power to either make or break your organization? And that you need to equip them with the right knowledge that will make them push your company forward?

Allen Consulting Inc. will provide the sales training for nonprofits that your team needs to deliver the results that you want. We will organize and deliver exceptional training seminars that will improve and bring out the best in your team. Our expert team will train them on:

• Activation tactics that will make potential sponsors want to sign up with you now.
• Refine the available sponsorship opportunities.
• Negotiate for support from sponsors.
• Know how to carry out the right sponsorship research.
• Quickly review your sponsorship selling proposals.

There is no limit to what our sales training for nonprofits can help your company to achieve. Our friendly and professional team will deliver customized training either on one-on-one training or group training sessions for your team. Contact us today and your problem with selling sponsorships, arranging for meetings with potential sponsors, and coming up with winning proposals will be a thing of the past.

Selling Memberships.

Having the right membership for your nonprofit organization will help in moving it in the right direction. The contributions that the members will give to become members will go a long way in improving the financial status of your organization.

Allen Consulting Inc. will provide the right training for your sales team that will allow them to be more effective in selling memberships. Whether you want members who will act as your organization’s advocates or members who’ll double up as donors, our sales training for nonprofits will help you achieve your dreams. We have the tools and expertise that will make people want to be associated with your organization and support your noble cause.

Recruiting & Nurturing Donors.

To ensure that your nonprofit organization never stalls due to lack of funds, you’ll need to apply the right strategies to sell sponsorships. Here are some of the wins you’ll get from participating in our sales training for nonprofits:

• Win Donors: When working with our professional marketing team, you’ll be able to get new donors, and make the ones that stopped giving active again. This is an investment that will guarantee the success of your mission.
• Keep Donors: Allen Consulting Inc. is not all about winning donors. Our sales training experts will teach you how you’ll ensure that your donors keep giving so that you can generate the revenue needed to accomplish your mission.
• Lift Donors: When your sales team goes through our exceptional training, they will know how to use contacts, askings, and offers to increase the amount of support that the donors are currently giving. You will be able to transform the compassion they feel for your course into action.
• Grow Donors: With our sales training for nonprofits, your team will be able to build a relationship with your donors that will make them move from being transactional givers to transformational givers. They will feel like heroes every time they support your cause which will bring a positive impact on your finances.

Selling Advertising.

In all sales training for non-profit sessions, our friendly and professional team will equip you with the right selling advertising skills. We’ll help you to create your personalized learner’s journey as well as detailed measurements that will have the right impact. This will not just be a one-time strategy but a lasting solution that will keep driving sales. Every step that your team will take from the day of the training will make them more perfect in their advertising skills and as a result, you’ll get the results you really need.

You don’t have to struggle alone every time you need to make more people know about your organization. Our experienced sales training for nonprofits team has handled the most complex advertising issues and will have the right solution for you. They will give your team the information, strategies, and the guidance that they need to go beyond the uncertain and overwhelming feeling.

Call our professional staff today and get equipped with the strategies and tools that you need to get the funds your organization needs.

Join the best sales training for nonprofits and enjoy immeasurable benefits such as having a team of experts who will encourage you and cheer you on in every step that you make. You’ll also be equipped with researched answers to any question that your sponsors and donors may ask. Your focus and level of productiveness will be unequaled and that tired or overwhelmed feeling will be a thing of the past.
You don’t have to face your potential sponsors and donors without the right skills and knowledge to move them to action. Allen Consulting Inc. is your best option when it comes to sales training for nonprofits. With us, your team will own the vision and gain a voice that will get you the finances that you need to accomplish your mission.
Whether you need help with selling sponsorships, selling memberships, recruiting and nurturing donors, or selling advertising, get in touch with us. We have what it takes to get your organization the funds that you need to accomplish your organization’s goals.

So don’t wait. Give us a call now. We can’t wait to have you as one of our satisfied clients!

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